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Archive for October, 2008

The value of feedback

Getting feedback from your users is one of the most important aspects of software development, especially if you’re offering a service that people will directly use. The earlier you involve users to get feedback, the less your chances of delivering a product that fails the user in some way. Of course, there are some ground rules you need as well, to make sure that your developers don’t get inundated with too many tangential requests that distract them from the overall goal.

Here at RunTrackr, we’ve always valued your feedback and have provided a contact form from day one for this reason. However, the contact form was somewhat spartan and did not attract a lot of attention.

Today, that’s changing. Thanks to the excellent UserVoice service, we’ve launched a centralized place for getting user feedback. If you have a problem with the service, or think you have found a bug, this is the place to report it. We also encourage you to enter your ideas/suggestions for new features so that we can get a better idea of how to improve the service for you!

Don’t worry about having to bookmark that feedback URL, though. We’ve installed UserVoice’s widget so that a feedback tab will appear on the site, so you’ll never be more than a click away from submitting your idea when one pops into your head.

It’s fairly unobtrusive, but let us know if you have any troubles. We’ve also added a link to the bottom of the page for reporting bugs, next to the contact link.

For the time being, we’ve entered some ideas for features that we have planned. See if any are to your liking and don’t be afraid to recommend more!

Training Log Totals

Training isn’t easy. With all the obligations of modern life, it can be hard to find time to exercise. But we find time, whether it’s waking up before the sun rises, sacrificing lunch time or running late at night after work. One thing that can help you keep up the habit is a proper training log, where you can record your progress. By keeping track of your goals and progress, you provide yourself with a powerful incentive to maintain your regimen.

We’ve always provided a training log since day one, which easily allowed you to link your running records directly with your created routes or your favorite routes. However, it’s been a little primitive. In order for it to be more valuable, your training log needs to show cumulative totals, so that’s what we’ve added.

Currently, we show your totals for current week (starting from Sunday), current month and the current year. Eventually, we plan to allow for more detailed statistics, showing total for every previous week/month/year, along with charts and graphs. (Here at RunTrackr, we’re geeks for things like stats)