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Upcoming improvements

The mantra on Google Code’s hosting page is “Release Early, release often”. No where else does this apply more than to web applications; with traditional desktop software, releasing often means you have to have a robust upgrade solution in order to push out releases to your users. With web applications, the virtually the entire package runs on a server that you control, mitigating any such worries. (Though things like Gears help bridge the gap between web and desktop applications)

When we first launched RunTrackr our aim was a basic, yet functional application that would appeal to 90% of our users, who just wanted to create a running route and get basic stats like distance. However, it has never been our intention to stop at this.

Time permitting, we’re planning on the following improvements:

  • Training Log: Weekly/monthly/cumulative totals along with graphs and charts
  • Annotation of routes/maps to point out interesting features
  • A `Browse` section for those who would rather do this than search
  • Performance: Making the map-enabled portions of the site faster

These are just a few things we have on our minds at the moment. As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any comments! (Or post them below!)