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Route Privacy options now available

RunTrackr was designed with one underlying principle in mind: To help others accomplish their fitness goals. To this end, we encourage sharing; up until this point, all routes created by all users have been public and viewable by anyone, whether they’ve registered or not.

However we also recognize that many would like to maintain their privacy online. Since one’s own running routes will naturally correlate with one’s geographic location, it is understandable that many will not want to post their routes online for all to see. To fix this, we have implemented Route Privacy options. You will now be able to mark any routes you’ve created as private, meaning only you will be able to view or do anything with them. Here’s a quick overview of the new options.

Marking a route as private

Marking a route as private can be done when creating a new route or editing an existing one. The option is a checkbox clearly marked with a Lock icon.

By default routes are not marked as private (as we encourage sharing) so you will have to check it yourself. After the route has been saved, when viewing it you will be reminded that you are the only one who can see it.

Additionally, when you view the route under “My Routes”, it will be marked as private:

It’s important to know that the best measures for ensuring online privacy is to choose a username that doesn’t match with your real one. (We never reveal your e-mail address) By default, you don’t have to supply any other personal information to RunTrackr, and we intend to keep it that way for the time being. Any other concerns can be addressed by our Privacy Policy.

Thanks, and keep RunTracking!